School Song



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The School Song

O’er the Bridge that spans the River,
Moving slowly to the sea,
Looks “The Morgan”, now as ever,
Fairest school in all Dundee.
And as day by day we view her,
Standing stately on the hill,
Proudly pay we homage to her,
Gladly sing with right good will.


Hail “The Morgan” stately, splendid,
Hail the teachers, every one !
Cheer we every goal defended
Every hit and every run !
We would strive with every lesson,
As we strive when at our play,
Learn with every passing session,
“Who would rule, must first obey.”

O’er the Bridge that spans the River,
Soon we pass away alone,
Leaving comrades keen and clever,
For the lure of the unknown.
But, though much or mean our treasure,
Though our fame be great or ill,
We shall still recall with pleasure,
Our dear “Morgan” on the hill.


Though the Bridge that spans the River,
Take us far from home and friend,
Hide them for our sight forever,
Till the “long trail” has an end,
There’s a beacon that will light us,
Lone on land, or far at sea,
There’s a name that will unite us,
‘Tis “The Morgan” of Dundee.

Chorus –

Words by Rev George Blair D.D. Music by A.C. Bewick