Charlie Baxter 2002

Charlie Baxter (1910-2002)

A link with the Morgan going back over more than eighty years has been sadly broken with the death of Charlie Baxter in Dundee on the 11th December at the grand age of 92.

Charlie, who was brought up at 13 Baxter Park Terrace, entered the school in 1917 and was a pupil until 1926. He joined the F.P. Hockey Club in 1928 – hockey was not a school sport at that time – beginning an association with Morgan hockey that was to last for the rest of his life. His last formal appearance was at a Club reunion only two years ago.

In the 1930’s, Charlie was not only Secretary to the Hockey Club but, from 1930 to 1935, he was also Assistant Secretary and then Secretary to the Morgan Academy F.P.Association.

His sporting career was suspended by the War when, along with many of his contemporaies, he was ‘bagged’ by the German Army at St.Valery and spent five years as a prisoner of war.

After the War, Charlie resumed playing for the F.P’s until 1953. Thereafter, he continued as the team’s most vociferous supporter, and sometimes critic, from the touchline and woe betide any myopic umpire who did not see the game Charlie’s way. He was made a Life Member of the F.P.Hockey Club.

Many a former Morgan pupil encountered Charlie in his professional capacity as Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. He was reputed to have conducted 4616 civic weddings. It is said that, immediately after his own wedding he still had time to attend a Morgan game before departing on his honeymoon. Such men are few – and very brave!

Our heartfelt condolences to his dear wife, Jessie, at this time on the passing from our midst on that wonderful character, Charlie Baxter.